Black Reparations Project

Advancing Reparations Learning, Policy, & Action

Black Reparations Project (BRP) is a collaborative effort between faculty and students at Mills College at Northeastern University and U.C. Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. Our work is focused on promoting education and research on Black reparations policies and initiatives in California and across the nation. Grounded in principles of joy, healing, love, and collective liberation, the Black Reparations Project creates opportunities for individuals to come together to study, discuss, and contribute to policy analysis that supports Black reparations. We are conducting research and analysis of reparations implementation and planning considerations, challenges, and successes. We seek to meet the need to increase formal Black reparations learning opportunities, further build connective tissue among movement leaders, provide academic research and policy analysis support for Black reparations initiatives, and maintain continuous documentation of reparations movement works.

Read about our latest conference: Black Reparations Conference 2023

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